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Cappellin Venini and C. was founded in 1921 by Giocomo Cappellin, Luigi Ceresa, Paolo Venini, and Emilio Ochs. The first artistic director was Vittorio Zecchin, formerly of Artisti Barovier. In a daring move away from the colorful murrine vases he had designed, he drew inspiration from the vases depicted in 16th century Italian paintings. The Veronese vase eventually became Venini's trademark when he split off and formed his own company. These vases were all about the shape, and featured transparent single colors and no decoration in the glass.

In 1925, when Venini left to start his own company, a new company was formed called Maestri Vetrai Muranesi Cappelin & C. The young Carlo Scarpa took over artistic direction, keeping the simple shapes and adding experimental patterns and coatings including gold and silver foil. He introduced chemicals and metals into the glass mixture during the blowing process adding texture to the paper-thin vessels. These first pieces of Scarpa are much sought after and are extremely rare. Despite the success at the Bienalli of the designs, the company was forced to close in January, 1932 most likely for financial reasons.

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Venini, Barovier, Capellin, AVEM, Aureliano Toso, Seguso, Vistosi

A resource for collectors