Open a window, glass, and aluminum carpentry business.


Due to its durability, easy handling, strength, and good appearance, aluminum has become one of the preferred materials in the manufacture of structural elements such as doors, windows, shutters, among others, so entering the business promises attractive profits. If you want to open a company in this field, here is a basic guide to doing so, minimizing the risks of losing your investment.

  1. MARKET STUDY. With this, you will be able to know the needs of your future clients, their consumption habits, and the competition. This tool considers a:

Supply analysis: Identify how many similar businesses exist in the area, as well as the characteristics they possess.

Analysis of the demand: It allows us to know the possible clients to establish the services that should be offered.

Price analysis: Compare the prices of the competition.

If, when carrying out this investigation, you have doubts, you can also prepare a SWOT diagnosis, through which you will be able to know the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats that your company will face.

  1. LOCATION AND FACILITIES. Make sure you find a place that is located in a place of regular transit, also considering that the community or market segment you want to serve is located in that place.

A micro-company dedicated to the manufacture of aluminum windows does not need a lot of space, since most of the processes can be carried out directly in the works where the windows will be installed.

Generally, a room between 36 and 80m2 is sufficient, where the cuts, assemblies, and eventually the assembly of the windows can be made if they are not too large.

Rather, the premises are required to serve customers, store delicate material and work equipment, as well as to carry out some processes to organize collection and payments for materials and services. Thus, the following areas need to be established:

  • Storage of materials (vinyl, acrylic, pins, dowels).
  • From production with: work tables to make designs, take measurements, make cuts, make assemblies.
  • Fixed equipment area: bench, saw drill, plus finished product storage area.
  • Customer service and administration area.
  1. TEAM. On a microenterprise scale, your business requires the following equipment to function properly:
  • 2m x 4m work table (2)
  • Bench saw (2) 1 mx 1m 1.20 m
  • Manual Drill (4) of 0.40mx 0.25
  • Hand tools (2 of each) such as pliers, drills, screwdrivers, punches, wrenches, hammers, among others.
  1. SUPPLIERS. The raw materials that will be basic for the daily operation of your company are:
  • Aluminum profiles of various sizes, shapes, thicknesses, lengths, widths, and colors.
  • Glasses and crystals of various thicknesses, lengths, and widths.
  • Moldings and accessories, such as plates, handles, gaskets, pins, plugs, vinyl for glass or crystal packaging, and other accessories.
  1. STAFF. To start operations, you need to hire the following staff:
  • Managing Director. Establishes general production policies, manages personnel, and performs marketing tasks.
  • Counter. In charge of finances, tax returns, etc.
  • Production manager. Coordinate operations.
  • Customer service. For search and customer service
  1. PROVISION OF THE SERVICE. The basic products that you must offer in your business are:
  • Aluminum windows and doors.
  • Aluminum Carpentry
  • Curtains and folding, blinds, railings, and space delimiters.
  • Polycarbonates, Plastics, Building Materials.
  • Glass and crystal furniture covers, frosted, etched, polished stained glass windows for pressure insertion into aluminum profiles.
  • Bevels, edges, polishes, perforations, drawings, and signs on the glass, glass, or mirrors.

Business ideas with glass as a raw material


There are countless businesses in which glass is their raw material apart from the traditional companies that are responsible for the manufacture of bottles. In addition, its use is so varied that it is one of the most commercially used materials. Below we detail some innovative ones in depth.

Innovative businesses

  • Glass Bottle Recycling – Glass is one of the most lucrative materials to recycle, as well as easy to find. You can collect your own bottles, those of your neighbors, and those of other businesses, especially related to the hospitality industry. A business from home, since the most important tasks, corresponds to the collection.
  • Decorative elements: many decorative items are made from glass, in many cases, also from recycled glass. Vases, frames for mirrors, paintings, or photos. Also even in large cupboards or furniture. Normally, this type of glass is found in others that are glued to its surface, as it provides a fresh and unique design. Many of these objects can be made at home. With great care, break a glass bottle, with the resulting pieces, for example, in an old photo frame that you don’t like, stick them with a special adhesive filling its entire surface.
  • Furniture and shelves: before, we talked about glass as a decorative element in the home furniture, but it is also used for the furniture itself, especially on shelves, mirrors, tables, and doors. The crystals that are embedded in many doors of houses, shops, and buildings are made of glass, as well as many crystals that are placed on the tables. A good business idea would be to make glass sheets to cover all these areas.
  • Jewelry: many artists and designers create jewelry items with this material. They often color glass to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

The most traditional element that is made with this material are windows, especially with tempered glass. There are different types that offer different characteristics from safety to thermal insulation; they comment on their website. This company is dedicated to the installation and maintenance of PVC, aluminum, and glass windows. They are also window manufacturers in Santander, Cantabria, that is why they can say that they offer comprehensive services in the installation of windows, giving the client the confidence they need in all areas of work. They have extensive experience as window manufacturers in Cantabria and offer quality and variety in their portfolio, giving customers a choice from a wide variety of materials and finishes, always top quality. They stand out from the competition thanks to their professionalism at work and the value for money of the products and services they offer.