What kind of baby Car Seat You Can Choose Now


What kind of baby Car Seat You Can Choose Now

For rear-facing baby car seats best swing and bouncer combo, two other fixing systems are possible; they are both intended to prevent the seat from tilting forward in the event of an accident. The anti-rebound bar takes the form of a protective metal hoop which is pressed against the back of the seat on which it is installed. Mainly available on car seats positioned rearward to the road, it prevents the seat from tipping over in a collision. Choosing the right baby car seat is most essential.

The tether straps are an alternative solution to the top tether and the anti-rebound bar for rear-facing car seats.

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The Restraint System: Harness or Shield?

There are two main restraint systems for children today: the 5-point harness and the impact shield. The impact shield takes the form of a cushion, made of materials with excellent energy absorption capacity, positioned on the child’s chest. It offers very good protection in the event of an impact, and reduces the forces in the event of a collision, the child’s body wrapping around the shield. Although it is approved for forward-facing use from 9 kg, it is rather recommended not to anticipate its use too much and to favor the rear-facing as long as possible. When switching to the shield, make sure that the child is neither too small nor too large to prevent the shield from being incorrectly positioned.

The 5-point harness keeps the child firmly in his seat by the rigid parts of his body at the crotch, shoulders and pelvis. To avoid any risk of improper installation, the harness must be sufficiently tight and not twisted to effectively protect the child. Unlike the shield, the harness is suitable from birth. It easily adjusts in height to adapt to all sizes and thus follow baby’s growth. Since the harness is the restraint system present on the majority of rear-facing car seats, we further recommend its use.

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The Different Types of Baby Car Seats

A carrycot, a cozy baby, a car seat or a booster, the choices are multiple when it comes to baby car seats . Each type of seat is distinguished by its use intended for a particular stage of the child’s growth. Ideally, a child will need three car seats to better follow the evolution of his morphology and to be effectively protected. Here is a brief overview of the different types of seats to better understand their specificities.

Baby Car Seats (from birth to approx. 12 months)

The carrycot bed and / or the cozy baby will be the first baby car seats that you will certainly have to use as soon as you leave the maternity ward. Although they can be used from birth and during the baby’s first months, each of these solutions is distinguished by its own specificities.

The baby carrycot is a kind of bassinet that allows baby to travel comfortably by car from birth to around 6 months (up to approx. 70 cm or max. 10 kg). In the car, the carrycot is very bulky since it is installed parallel to the rear seat of the vehicle and monopolizes 2 seats. It is a real extra bed that allows you to transport baby, in a lying position, without waking him up, whether in the car or in a stroller.