Choose the Double Stroller Solutions Now


Choose the Double Stroller Solutions Now

Birth, double stroller, trio, cane stroller, in front of the multitude of models play pen review, you feel a little lost in choosing the stroller that suits you the most? First of all, the main thing is to clearly define your needs and those of your baby. Our advice on how to navigate it.

The stroller is essential for the birth of a child, whether it is your first or second baby, your needs will not be the same. Between the cane stroller and the double stroller, the combined stroller, there are a multitude of models. Our advice and selection of strollers to help you make the right choice. 

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A stroller with carrycot and cozy for the car

Perfect for newborns, strollers with a  carrycot or pram offer the child good sleeping conditions thanks to their position lying on their back. Very practical when you know that an infant can sleep up to 20 hours a day! The carrycot can also be used as a small bed during the first months. Today, almost all strollers are combined in order to last over time. Choose either a duo (2-in-1 combo) or a trio (3-in-1 combo) stroller.  

Big advantage: they follow the development of the child until about 3 years old because they include both a comfortable pram version carrycot (for the lying position, recommended until6 months old , on the one hand to promote the child’s sleep, on the other hand because his muscles are not yet strong enough to properly support his back and neck), a shell or cozy  (for the position semi-seated until the age of 9 months, convertible into a car seat usable for trips by car ), and finally a hammock for the sitting position (this is the classic stroller). Models with cozy are ideal if you often take your child for a ride. If, on the other hand, you are not driving, a duo model is sufficient.

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The weight of the stroller, a size criterion! 

Depending on the materials used, their size and their accessories, not all strollers have the same weight. There are more or less light ones and since you will often have to walk your child (whose weight will increase the more he will grow) and carry your stroller from home to your car, via the nursery, transport (with the many stairs that they include) and the different places (with variable height differences!) that you will visit with your child, the weight of the stroller is therefore an essential criterion in your choice. 

Especially since after pregnancy, you can suffer from back pain and fatigue, lack of strength. So do not hesitate to lift the stroller, fold it and unfold it in the store to see its maneuverability and if the model is light enough for you. 


Finally, when buying a stroller, consider the size of your car trunk. For example, do not take a model that is too bulky if you have a micro-safe. On the other hand, a sedan or a minivan will more easily accommodate a larger stroller. There are not 36 solutions for this: fold the stroller and see if it fits in your car trunk when you are in the store. If you order it on the Internet, look at the dimensions of the model when folded(they are written on the characteristics, in the product sheet) and compare with those of your trunk. Do the same with your front door, the elevator door, and the door to the room where you plan to store the stroller.