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Seguso Vetri d'Arte - Founded in 1933, by the Seguso family and other maestri who had left Artistica Barovier, and eventually joined in 1934 by Flavio Poli. The company produced its signature pieces in the 50s and 60s, the sommerso vase, the valva (clamshell type structure) and the siderali (with large "bulls-eye" murrine on one side). The sommerso vase is one of the styles most associated with Murano, and is manufactured by many furnaces to this day. It is heavy, with a thick base of clear glass, containing a thin layer of a contrasting color submerged below the main body color. A fine example in dark green and yellow was purchased by Frank Lloyd Wright and kept in his home.

Veteria Archimede Seguso - Founded in 1946 by Archimede Seguso, partner and maestro at Seguso Vetri d'Arte until 1942. Seguso was one of the great glass designers and maestros of all time. His pieces were often featured in the Venice Biennali He was most famous for his Merletto vases, using the ancient technique of filigrana. Other famous designs are the losanghe vase in lattimo cased glass with geometric motifs, and the macchie ambria with gold and green abstract cloud-like designs in a thick-walled glass containing gold powder.

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A resource for collectors