Save Your Important Files from Loss with Data Rescue PC 3


Save Your Important Files from Loss with Data Rescue PC 3

With the innovation of data recovery software business system solution company malaysia, it has now become effortless to backup important files stored personal computer systems, laptops, smartphones, and e-books from harmful attacks of cyber bugs as well as heavy loss. Data Rescue PC 3 has been designed to meet this requirement of PC users in the most competent and best possible manner. 

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Prime Features 

Apart from several data recovery programs web design and mobile app development, Data Rescue PC 3 is quite well-liked amongst major computer owners. Certain unique features of this program are mentioned as follows:

  • Data Rescue PC 3 provides a one-stop solution by recovering folders and files and folder as per users expectations
  • The program can recover all sorts of files together with digital media namely audio, pictures and video
  • Data Rescue PC 3 recuperates all missing, deleted, and corrupt files that occur due to virus attacks, software crash, and formatted drives.
  • It even recovers files from missing, corrupt, or damaged drive partitions. The program can recover data in case the components of a file system including FAT, Partitions, MFT, MBR, or Root get damaged.


Data Rescue PC 3 suit is available for sale on the official Amazon website. You can even purchase it from any local retailer. The software can also be downloaded from other websites providing free antivirus downloading facility or online stores dealing in software marketing. Data Rescue PC 3 is packed with all the features that a user wishes to acquire in any file backup software. It offers a considerable added protection level in comparison to other data protection software. Data PC 3 entails a personal computer system through the CD-ROM drive. Other specifications required by Data recovery PC 3 are 64MB of RAM, Firewire, 2.0 USB, 300 MHz or greater AMD or Intel Processor, and second internal drive for recovering files.

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Benefits of Using Data Rescue PC 3

Data Rescue PC 3 is a new class meant in support of hard drive recovery. This program has been regarded as the best alternative for all PC users willing to recover files from a virus attacked corrupted or crashed hard drive. Data Rescue PC 3 focuses on your complete file recovery without causing any damage to your essential files as well as a hard disc. The software not only safely recovers your vital files but also stores them in a secure site.

Data Rescue provides a full recovery and file backup, incremental image backup, folder backup as well as a complete system backup. This software provides the desired backup to all your necessary data and saves you from a vicious loss. 


In nutshell, Data Rescue PC 3 has everything that a PC user seeks in data recovery software for office and home usage. This software program has been designed with features required for making a program user friendly and effective. If you are looking for an ideal treatment to protect your important data and give them a perfect backup, then it is better to invest money in Data Rescue PC 3.